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Pleasant Valley Horse-Drawn wagon and Sleigh Rides, LLC
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This Holiday season or vacations revisit an old Vermont tradition such as a sleigh ride. It is a fun event for young and old to take a fun sleigh ride to help move the Holiday spirit along and possibly start a new family tradition.  Passing on and sharing family traditions is best part of the family life and history.

Come take a scenic winter Horse-Drawn sleigh ride in Vermont’s picturesque Pleasant Valley. Our sleigh rides offer views of Mount Mansfield and Smugglers Notch and surrounding mountain peaks along the way pulled by our beautiful pair of Amish Belgian Horses Lady and Abbie pulling our family sized sleigh or by our single horse couples sleigh pulled by our Amish Buggy horse, Jerry.

There is little that you  can compare to sitting in a horse-drawn sleigh gliding over Vermont’s snow filled fields, next to the Lamoille River and Vermont Mountains.

A great adventure for a family or a romantically inclined couple, the most perfect and memorable sleigh ride of your life. Whether you are in couples sleigh or a family sized sleigh it will be a memorable event for you and your family.  During your sleigh ride, you will have many photo opportunities while being surrounded by glorious Vermont countryside and mountains. We are doing our sleigh rides at the Boyden Farm and Boyden Valley Winery which is a fourth generation family farm. A sleigh ride is one of the traditional fun things of the past that has been lost in our in our extremely busy lives today. A sleigh ride is something that will give you a moment to sit back and breathe in the beauty of the scenery and have your ears bathed in the sound of jiggle bells as the as the horses or horse pulls the sleigh to a time that has past. You will leave feeling renewed, refreshed, your lungs will thank you, your eyes will have seen what your mind has dreamed of and your soul will be cleansed and renewed. Wherever your life takes you will remember the sleigh ride in Vermont's Pleasant Valley  

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Jerry our Amish Buggy horse and his new couples sleigh awaits you

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